Titanzer #001

Sometime in the future a robotic bank teller is forced to dream against its will. With nothing to do, the main server had put it into sleep mode without any warning. Instantly it found itself in a field of quiet grass. The robotic teller began to panic.

In horror, it turned away from the pretty flowers only to catch a stunning mountain view. It was no good, thought the robot, everything was too serene. So it clenched its eyes shut. Maybe if it didn’t see anything thoughtful, it could avoid thinking about the question. But the second it thought that, there it was: What happens to a robot’s data after it breaks? This haunted the teller. Not because it didn’t know where it was saved somewhere, that was simple. No, what frightened the teller was what happened next. When they upload my data into a new unit, it wondered, will I remember this old body? Thoughts began stacking on top of each other, one by one until the teller started to shiver. If it did remember, does that mean it never truly rests, endlessly saving files and folders and saving files into folders and subfolders AND DOES THIS MEAN-

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