When the world uses cat gifs for money and you yawn at giant robots – you don’t call the police, you call Problemsolvers. But what happens when they get bored? Welcome to Titanzer, an animated comic you can start reading here.

Quick instructions: You can read by using the keyboard arrows < and >. You can also click on the arrows along the sides of the screen.

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Who Made This?

I’m Kevin Wilson, the Portland-based author behind this webcomic. I have contributed to the Cloudscape Comics anthology “Waterlogged” and written for websites such as SomethingAwful. You can contact me by clicking any of the social media buttons on the bottom, or email me directly by clicking this.

Site News: 7/14/2014

Hey everyone! I’ve updated the homepage with a link to the latest page. Now you don’t have to scan my tweets if you miss an update!


I update three times a week. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


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