Kaia Sand



Back in 2012, poet Kaia Sand asked me to help her craft a website that reflected the unique work she was making. She felt that most sites felt cold, over-structured, and impersonal. We set out to make something warm, inviting, and quirky.


After some back and forth we settled on the theme of string, which led us to the wonderful leaf and string logo she designed for the top of the website. Conceived as one big long stretch, the website moved people around from bit to bit, changing her work into more of a timeline than little boxes on a shelf. It’s still fun to poke at the buttons along the side and see that little paper “return to top” arrow appear along the lower right.


Since Kaia wasn’t focused on expanding her website over time, yet still wanted to be able to easily modify it, we settled on Wordpress. With my assistance we set up a host for her, I purchased a reliable theme from Codecanyon, and provided feedback while she developed custom assets to populate her site with. This kept everything within her aesthetic, and tied everything together.