Jules Boykoff



Political activist and former Olympic athlete Jules Boykoff was in the midst of a new book when he realized he needed a website to promote his work. Something straightforward, yet effective and visually distinct from other author websites. Nothing flashy.


First I had Jules provide me a selection of websites he found particularly attractive. This was to nail down what features felt the most like his personality. Playing with different setups, we finally settled on a solid aesthetic: black, white, and red. This let the photos and text stand by themselves instead of getting lost in the imagery. My favorite part is the writing (all) page, which featured collapsible menus for all of his work.


The approach would be all about simplicity. Jules didn’t want to have to trudge through code or deal with finicky problems down the line, so I picked Wordpress due to its ease of use, popularity, and stability. The content itself would be fairly easy to change if he needed to go back in and modify anything.