Kevin Wilson is a designer, writer, and cartoonist based in Portland. A lover of fine animated gifs and finer pizzas, he haunts the streets looking for interesting projects with original ideas, be it a web page or a comedy script. His latest work, Titanzer, is a sci-fi comedy about two low-rent bounty hunters dealing with a cowardly giant robot. View this and other work below for more details.

I've never worked with someone as enthusiastic an energetic as Kevin Wilson! He really gets everyone pumped up and excited to work on a project! Kory Bing, illustrator, cartoonist of Skin Deep


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Working with Kevin Wilson is a joy. He worked patiently to understand what I wanted, created a website that I am utterly happy with, and trained me so that I could continue to update it. I could not recommend him more highly. Kaia Sand, poet



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Kevin was a blast to collaborate with, and his enthusiasm inspired me to do my best work. Conley Smith, illustrator